Since the beginning of 2007, Chabad-Lubavitch has established a slew of new centers spanning locations across the globe. All told, 278 new emissaries have moved out to Jewish communities this year.

The states of California and Florida alone accounted for more than 20 new Chabad Houses.

The Chabad on Campus International Foundation added 17 new campus-based centers to its roster, among them the Chabad Student Center at University of Leeds in England, Chabad at Temple University in Philadelphia, Chabad of Brazos Valley serving Texas A&M University. Israel accounted for three new campus-based Chabad Houses.

Exotic and remote locales benefited from new emissaries, as well. This year saw the establishment of centers in Bozeman, Mont.; Cancun, Mexico; and Piestany, Slovakia.

In addition, emissaries set up five new centers in France, including in the communities of Clamart, Lunéville and Montreuil.

Argentina saw four new Chabad Centers in Palermo Soho, S. Fe, Bariloche and Palermo Nuevo.

The new emissaries have joined thousands of their colleagues for the annual International Conference of Shluchim, currently underway in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, N.Y. As he does every year, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, who chairs the conference, will announce the new additions in his traditional roll call, to take place Sunday night.