The Chabad Youth Organization in Israel erected dozens of sukkahs in Jerusalem this week. Dubbed "Unity Sukkahs," the huts took their name the emphasis chasidism puts on the unifying aspect of the holiday, derived in part from the Talmudic teaching that the Jewish people are worthy to sit in one Sukkah.

Hundreds of Chabadniks, as representatives of Chabad-Lubavitch are known in Israel, assisted passersby in making the blessing on the lulav and etrog and invited them to sit down and eat in the sukkah. Spontaneous dancing in honor of the joyous holiday became commonplace.

In addition, Lubavitch volunteers traveled to army bases, hospitals, malls and old age homes in transportable sukkahs.

Rabbi Naftoli Rot, director of the Chabad Youth Organization in Jerusalem, reported that more than 100,000 Jews visited the city’s Unity Sukkahs.