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November 2022

Kosher Food and Shabbat Arrive at World Cup in Qatar
Middle East
Jewish visitors line up for bagel sandwiches during the week
Urgent Relief to Freezing Ukrainians Plunged Into Darkness
Ukraine War
Lack of electricity, running water and gasoline after attacks on infrastructure create humanitarian crisis
12-Year-Old Will Fly 10,752 Miles to Classmate’s Bar Mitzvah
Australia & New Zealand
121 donors help an isolated child from Tasmania to travel to Nottingham, England
Two Killed and 26 Injured by Terrorist Bombs in Jerusalem
Yeshivah student from Canada and father of six from Ethiopia are slain
 ‘Why God Why?’: A Guide for the Brokenhearted
Book Bag
A rabbi’s deeply personal perspective on reconciling G-d’s goodness and human suffering
Why an 88-Year-Old Frenchman Cried as Everyone Danced at Chabad Conference
North America
‘He always wants to come to New York to thank the Rebbe'
$2.5 Million Grant to Change the Face of Jewish Camping for Decades
New overnight camps to expand Chabad’s CKids/Gan Israel network
6,500 Chabad Rabbis and Guests Celebrate Resurgence of World Jewish Life
Hakhel-year banquet headlined by visionary donor and builder of Jewish communities, George Rohr
Rich in Jewish Tradition, Zambia Welcomes First Rabbi in Over 75 Years
Newlywed natives from northern Israel and Alaska on their way to Central Africa
Thousands of Rabbis Gather for Annual Group Photo in New York
‘It captures the energy and power of all the shluchim’
Rabbis Pay Tribute to One of New York’s Finest, Deputy Chief Charles M. Scholl
Beloved officer was a fixture at annual gathering of Chabad emissaries
Reflection and Requests at the Rebbe's Resting Place
Photo Gallery
Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries gather at the Ohel in Queens, N.Y.
Chabad Rabbis Chart Jewish Revival at Annual Conference in New York
Focus on Hakhel year and opportunities for ongoing worldwide growth of Jewish life
30 Tons of Winter Clothing for Ukraine Collected in London
Ukraine War
Life-saving wear to be distributed by Chabad centers in Ukraine
On the Canary Islands, New Beginnings for an Old Jewish Community
Chabad-Lubavitch establishes new center on Spanish territory near Morocco
Record 36 Torahs Completed at Chabad-Lubavitch Banquet
6,500 at extraordinary Hakhel-year celebration at international gathering
A New Chabad Every Three Days: A Look at the Fastest-Growing Jewish Movement
120 new Chabads in the spotlight at International Conference of Emissaries
Three Dead, Three Wounded in Stabbing Attack in Ariel, Israel
Victims leave behind 11 children; terrorist killed
From Kherson to Hanover, How Two Sisters Shaped a Family’s Life
The 30-year impact of a heartfelt lesson in Ukraine about Jewish marriage
Morah Simcha Yadgar, 84, Legendary Teacher in Northern Israel
Known for her piety and personal attention to all
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