Students of the Charlotte Jewish Day School in Charlotte, N.C., ended their year of study of Israel, in which they learned about a different Israeli city each week, by sending greeting cards to schools in those cities.

While difficult, the curriculum apparently succeeded in engendering among the students a familial connection with their brethren in israel. The students now are able to identify Israel's key cities and geographic features.

"During morning prayers, a picture of the city and important facts about that city were shown to the students, and the students then dedicated their prayers and Torah learning to that particular city," said Vicky Hirschmann, program director at the school. "The project continued throughout the year, as students learned about key cities in Israel."

As the High Holidays approached, the classes created New Year greeting cards to send to their counterparts in Israel. Each card is roughly three feet high and about two feet wide.

"The kids are very connected to Israel now," said Mariashi Groner, director of the school and co-director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Charlotte, which founded the school. "Ask any child about Israel and they feel for it, that it is their land."