As a working mom, author Sara Blau understands that busy parents of young children need their inspiration in small, accessible packets, just like the snacks they take along for their commutes and the tissues they stuff into their handbags.

That led her to create Thoughtstreams, a series of 111 self-contained Chassidic lessons culled from the teachings of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, and couched in everyday experience—teachings that have been reworked and beautifully laid out in a 255-page, soft-cover book, titled Thoughtstreams: Meditations for Jewish Women, published by Ezra Press and available on

According to Blau, the series began as the product of her efforts to bridge the gap between two years of intense study and inspiration in Israel, and the mundane reality of being a young, working wife in urban America.


“Gone were the days of learning late into the night,” says Blau, author of 14 books, about the early months of her marriage and the genesis of Thoughtstreams. “I was instead poring over cookbooks to try out new recipes for my little family. It was a jolt, and sometimes, it felt so dry, so mundane.”

Then I had a baby,” says Blau. “That took it to the next level. I was up to my neck in laundry, cleaning, working and running my home. I felt so ... uninspired. I was in love with my child, but felt slightly unfulfilled. And a little bit lonely in my feelings.”

Rather than mourn her brief teenage fling with inspiration, she dared herself to become inspired on her own, without the benefit of a bevy of mentors and guides.

“I read a bit, and I wrote a bit. I dared myself to summarize each piece into a one-liner so that I could have a short and simple thought running through my head.”

In a sense, the miniature essays she created are a window into the author’s inner life. In one post, she describes her hopeful feelings during a challenging pregnancy and in the next one, she takes her readers into the darkness of loss and grief that follows a stillbirth.

Each entry, which is just a few paragraphs long, is followed by a one-line action item—an uplifting and empowering meditation to keep in mind all day.

The kernels of most lessons are based on the ideas found in the Hebrew-language anthology El Nshei Ubnot Yisrael (Kehot, Kfar Chabad, 2001), which provides an exhaustive overview of the Rebbe’s addresses, letters and teachings on the unique privilege, responsibility and spiritual strength of Jewish women and girls.

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Sara Blau is an accomplished writer on a wide range of Judaic subjects, many from the unique vantage point of a Chassidic woman.
Sara Blau is an accomplished writer on a wide range of Judaic subjects, many from the unique vantage point of a Chassidic woman.

Released weekly on between 2013 and 2016, the series was a much-anticipated feature of the weekly email and web offerings.

“Sara’s Thoughtstreams are personal nuggets of wisdom that touch our readers deeply, precisely because they relate so well to what the contemporary woman feels, providing a direction for growth and inspiration,” explains Chana Weisberg, editor of “As one reader commented on Uniquely You, a post encouraging self-esteem and personal empowerment, ‘You can feel insignificant and less capable at times when everyone seems “taller,” but it’s good to remember that we’re all created for a purpose.’ Throughout the stages of our lives, we all need these reminders and encouragement.”

And this is borne out in the comments readers have left on the articles over the years.

Commenting on Don’t Despair, an anonymous reader from New York wrote: “I really needed this reminder. Thank you!” And on Unconditional Love, Lilian from Chile wrote: “Thanks, Sara, for this beautiful insight!!! Much appreciated and perfect for not forgetting our relationship with our Creator.” An article titled Elevated Instincts garnered the following reply: “I was struggling with this very concept this week. So I’m going to print out the above and post it on my fridge.”

Seeing the value of the trove of lessons that had accumulated, the team referred Blau to their partners at Ezra Press (an imprint of Kehot Publication Society) to bring the timeless inspiration of Thoughtstreams into the world of print.

“Thoughtstreams: Meditations for Jewish Women,” is available on and in Jewish bookstores.