Jewish community members found the windows of Zhitomir, Ukraine's old synagogue broken this week, the result of an apparent anti-Semitic act of vandalism. The town's police promptly opened an investigation into the incident, the latest in a series of attacks and attempted attacks on members of the Jewish community and their institutions in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Rabbi Nochum and Stesya Brocha Tamarin, co-directors of the Zhitomer-based Chabad-Lubavitch of Small Communities, were both assaulted near the synagogue. The culprit has not been caught.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Australia, this week, two teenagers in baseball caps punched a customer of Glicks, a café owned by a Lubavitch community member, and smashed the establishment's windows. The perpetrators later returned with bats and hit some other customers, bruising one on the upper half of his body.

In Toronto, though, the vandal who threw rocks at the Chabad-Lubavitch of Midtown center, breaking some windows, was caught by police after a bus driver followed the individual and reported the crime.