Bonnie and David Epstein
Bonnie and David Epstein

David and Bonnie Epstein were snowbirds in early retirement with a passion for watersports, including kite surfing and jet skiing, who purchased a second home in Surfside after a long career in real estate investing in the Northeast.

After hearing the news of the tragic destruction of Champlain Towers South—where the Epstein’s lived on the 9th floor—their cousin, Joey Feldman, spoke about their small, warm family. They were the proud parents of one son, Jonathan, 26, of Brooklyn.

Bonnie Epstein was identified as a victim of the tragedy on Friday, July 2. Her husband, David, was identified a few days later, on Sunday July 4.

Richard Oller of Philadelphia, a friend and business partner of David Epstein for 30 years, told the Miami Herald that the couple was eagerly planning a trip up north very soon to see their son

On learning of their passing, Jonathan Epstein posted a tribute to his parents on Facebook: “... my parents were amazing people and would be touched by the outpouring of love and support we’ve received.”