Michael Altman
Michael Altman

The penthouse floor apartment in Champlain Towers South had been in his family for almost four decades by the time Michael Altman moved in back in 2015. Michael was one of the earlier victims of the building’s devastating collapse identified by recovery teams.

Born in Costa Rica, Michael moved to the United States when he was a toddler. He was an accountant by trade, and was remembered by his son Nicholas as a fighter with a keen sense of humor.

“Always smiling, he was very fun and loved to tell jokes,” Nicholas Altman told the Miami Herald. “He conquered a lot of obstacles in his life, and always came out on top. He always inspired my brother and I to be successful in life.”

Michael is survived by his sons Nicholas and Jeffrey, and his parents Alan and Anita Altman.

“He was a great father, and a great son to my grandparents,” said Nicholas.