Israeli students who over the years studied in Budapest, Hungary as part of an exchange program with that country joined their one time Chabad-Lubavitch hosts for a reunion in Tel Aviv.

Now doctors in their respective fields, the Israelis had gone to Hungary to study, but many stayed for years, becoming like family to Rabbi Shmuel and Dvorah Leah Raskin, co-directors of the Keren-Or Chabad Israeli Center and Rabbi Boruch and Batsheva Oberlander, co-directors of Lubavitch of Hungary. The Chabad House has developed special programs for the Israelis who call Budapest a temporary or semi-permanent home.

At the reunion, the Israelis thanked the Raskins and the Oberlanders for their hospitality. A compilation of Grace After Meals and the Shabbat songs that are sung at the Budapest Chabad House was distributed at the event.