New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited Chabad-Lubavitch of West Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Sunday to see the massive relief drive that is being undertaken on behalf of Ukrainian refugees.

There he met with local Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries Rabbi Zushe Winner, Rabbi Moishe Winner and Rabbi Mendel Winner, as well as Ukrainian-born New York City Councilmember Inna Vernikov, who is partnering with Chabad to organize and transport the humanitarian aid shipment. .

Throughout the day, volunteers organized and packed boxes full of desperately needed supplies such as diapers, first-aid kits, flashlights and canned food. The goods will be sent to countries where Ukrainians are taking shelter.

Brighton Beach is home to thousands of Jews from Ukraine, making this a very personal collection drive for them.

“People in our community are very passionate about getting involved and keep asking what they can do to help,” said Rabbi Moishe Winner. “This is a community effort.”

When the mayor was told that the donations were being coordinated through Chabad emissaries on the ground in Europe and Ukraine, he reportedly said, “Chabad, that’s amazing! They are everywhere.”

Later Sunday, after visiting several other sites in the city, Adams tweeted: “New York City is home to the largest Ukrainian community in America, and many of them make their home in Brooklyn.” Included in the tweet was a photo from the Chabad donation site.

The Ukraine Jewish Relief Fund has been established to help provide assistance to the Jewish communities in Ukraine impacted by the war.

Click here for a prayer you can say and a list of good deeds you can do in the merit of the protection of all those in harm’s way.