The Chabad-Lubavitch Youth Organization is Israel began daily broadcasts of ceremonies marking the completion of Talmud tractates.

The programs, aired on the stations Moreshet and Radio Bet, allow listeners to temporarily refrain from some mourning practices instituted in the nine days preceding Tisha B'Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Synagogues have traditionally held such siyumim, as the occasions are known in Hebrew, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, called for radio broadcasts as well to enable more people to take part in the ceremonies.

The New York-based National Committee For the Furtherance of Jewish Education has been broadcasting siyumim to American audiences for many years.

According to Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, a scholar at, although one is not supposed to be overly joyous during the nine days, those participating in the conclusion of a Talmud tractate are allowed to add some measure of joy to their day.

"It is not only the individual who is happy; rather the entire community shares in the happy occasion," says Silberberg. "Especially during these days, since the Temple was destroyed because of disrespect among human beings, it is important to join with others in the joy of completing a tractate."