(FJC.ru) In the Jewish Autonomous region known as Birobidjan, state TV channel 'Bira' ran the 100th installment last week of the show 'Yiddishkeit'. The popular program is run by Chabad-Lubavitch co-directors Rabbi Mordechai and Esther Sheiner and has become a mainstay of spiritual and cultural life for a large swath of the station’s audience.

The Sheiners fill their weekly program with information about the Torah, starting with the weekly Torah reading, and Jewish holidays, laws and traditions.

"I am confident that our interaction with the public helps to bring Jewish viewers closer to their Jewish roots and aids in creating understanding among people of other faiths," expressed Rabbi Sheiner. "If even one Jew understands his or her religion and national uniqueness better through this show, that means that 'Yiddishkeit' has served its mission."