We spend our entire lifetimes, well, living life. But how much attention do we pay to what happens after that—when we die? For many, the topic of death is taboo or avoided until it can no longer be ignored.

But like many things, avoidance and ignorance are better replaced with knowledge and proactivity.

Rabbi Avraham E. Plotkin, spiritual leader of Chabad-Lubavitch of Markham, Ontario, has literally written the book on the topic. Based on decades of experience as a community rabbi, the rabbi’s work is well-grounded in classic Torah sources and has been widely hailed as being relatable to the modern Jewish sensibilities.

Now, he’s presenting an all-new course on Chabad.org exploring Heaven and Hell in Jewish tradition.

Titled “Life After Death,” the online course begins on Nov. 2 and will run for four consecutive weeks.

In the first lesson, the rabbi will address some basic issues such as: What happens to our souls after we die? Do they retain their personality and memory in the world to come? The initial course introduces viewers to Judaism’s take on the soul and its journey through this world and beyond.

The following week, he will delve into heaven vs. hell, reward vs. punishment and retribution vs. redemption, providing a roadmap of where souls go.

In the third session, participants will learn five practical methods for reconnecting with the souls of loved ones who have passed on.

In the final week, the rabbi will discuss the fascinating interplay between those of us on earth and those who have already completed their life’s mission.

Rabbi Avraham E. Plotkin
Rabbi Avraham E. Plotkin

“This is a topic about which so many of us have so much to learn,” says Rabbi Zalman Refson, who produced the course. “We are confident that everyone, from seasoned scholar to novice, will come away better educated, empowered and enlightened.”

The course will be presented on four consecutive Tuesdays, starting on Nov. 2, streaming on Chabad.org and then available for enrolled students to watch at their own pace. Each lecture will be accompanied by texts, discussions with fellow students on Facebook and quizzes, with student support at every step of the way. Although the course is offered free of charge, sign-up is required.

Click here to sign up or learn more about “Life After Death.”