There is nary an element of human experience as enigmatic and bewildering as love. It is intoxicating as it is painful, as fleeting as it is pervasive, and as powerful as it is subtle. Countless books have been written, millions of TED talks have been watched, and billions of humans in every society throughout history have been on a common quest for it. Yet for most, it seems that the key to mastering love is as elusive as ever.

Harnessing the Divine truths of Torah, editor, author and master teacher Chana Weisberg will be presenting a four-part course on love and relationships billed “What Is True Love?” Produced and streamed by ChabadU in conjunction with, the course will be airing for four consecutive Wednesdays starting on April 7.

As the acclaimed author of six books and the editor of, Weisberg has delved into the subject of love in its many forms in a variety of media, lecturing internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. Her latest book, Shabbat Delights, is a two-volume set on the weekly Torah portion, where love and its complexities is often front and center.

Going back to the basics in this course, Weisberg will define real love and show how to find it, by drawing insights from the Biblical narrative of creation—demonstrating how it frames our relationships thousands of years later. Most importantly, she will guide viewers through many important (and thorny) questions, and show how we can bring a loving relationship with G‑d into every aspect of our lives and interpersonal relationships.

In the first lesson, viewers will learn how to define love by drawing on wisdom from a woman with Alzheimer’s, Hillel the Elder, Joseph and others.

The following week, by uncovering the mysteries of creation, Weisberg will guide couples in harnessing the fullest potential of their relationship. She will address the Torah’s attitude towards marriage; masculinity, femininity and the great divide between them; and ultimately why both are needed for humankind to flourish.

In the third video, viewers will learn about inevitable mess-ups and what to do (and not do) after mistakes have been made. Taking cues from matriarchs Sarah and Leah, parallels will be drawn to our tendencies to blame, pursue perfection, and give and receive love.

The last installment will reveal the secret to bringing G‑d into our relationship—the final piece every relationship needs to thrive—and the importance of making our partner a priority in our lives.

This compelling course is free (a donation is suggested, but not required) to those who register online. As with all courses, handouts, quizzes and other study materials will be provided.

To sign up for the course, visit the registration page here.