As Jewish people around the world embark on another whirl of the annual (or triennial) study of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah, they do so with several added resources on

Rabbi YY Jacobson, world-renowned for his masterful erudition and oratory skills, will teach one chapter of Maimonides daily on the three-year track. The class promises to be as informative and educational as it will be enjoyable. Each session is expected to run approximately 45 minutes, and the entire collection will be accessible at

As a study aid for those on the three-chapter-per-day track, a new class by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick covers much ground quickly but thoroughly. A significant Torah scholar and director of Chabad of Tri-Valley, Calif., Resnick has gained accolades for his courses featured on Also expected to last approximately 45 minutes the classes can be watched via,

These new presenters join a stellar cast of scholars whose classes on have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands, notably the daily study classes of the late Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Gordon, of blessed memory.

And those who follow the third track, which completes the Sefer Hamitzvot (“Book of Laws”) on an annual basis, have long relished the fully explanatory lectures of Rabbi Mendel Kaplan and the more succinct overviews of Rabbi Berel Bell.

Maimonides’ 14-volume work is the only collection of Jewish law that spans the entirety of Jewish life, including those laws that only apply when the Temple in Jerusalem is standing, in addition to many others that are not included in prior or subsequent codes.

When the Rebbe first called for the near-annual study of the Mishneh Torah, he underscored the unity achieved by the entire Jewish people studying the same subject in Torah at the same time (and the singular achievement of studying every aspect of Torah). The Rebbe’s emphasis on daily study echoed Maimonides’s own suggestion of how his work should be learned, but until the Rebbe’s innovation, most people studied the Mishneh Torah piecemeal.

Having recently begun its 40th cycle, the three-track syllabi have seen a burst of renewed interest in recent years, spurred by new resources that have sprung up to make the Hebrew-language text readily accessible.

Moznaim Publisher’s landmark translation of the entire Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Eli Touger was put online in 2009 by, complementing the existing Hebrew texts and audio classes.

Chayenu, a weekly Torah-content magazine, carries the one-chapter-a-day Moznaim text of the week in both Hebrew and English.

For many years, thousands of people have been receiving their daily Rambam via’s email subscription. A major step forward was the production of the “Hayom” app, where the daily Rambam, along with other components of the daily study regimen and handy information, can be easily accessed on smartphones.

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