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Six Dead at Kosher Store; “Shooters Targeted the Location,” Says Jersey City Mayor
North America
Three civilians and a police officer killed; two suspects killed by police
Steinsaltz Biography of the Rebbe a Hebrew-Language Best-Seller
Book Bag
‘My Rebbe’ by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) is now in four languages
Students Connect to Jewish Knowledge Through Popular Texting Game
JText helps young people learn and be inspired
The Only Known Brazilian-Born Holocaust Survivor Celebrates a Bar Mitzvah at 91
South America
São Paulo ceremony brings together family, friends and community
Q&A: The Holocaust’s Jewish Calendars: Keeping Time Sacred, Making Time Holy
Book Bag
Historian Avraham Rosen discusses his groundbreaking new book that holds relevance for all
Rabbi Mordechai Altein, 100, a Leading Chabad Rabbi in North America
Book Bag
He founded yeshivahs in Pittsburgh; New Haven, Conn.; and the Bronx
Orphaned in Mumbai, Moshe Holtzberg Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah
Family and friends gathered in Israel on Sunday night for a gala affair
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