BANGKOK, Thailand - Lubavitch emissaries Rabbis Yosef Kantor and Nechemia Wilhelm and their families, are hosting two public Seders, one for the more than 150 Jews who comprise the city's standing community, and another for more than 600 tourists found in the Kaosarn district popular among young backpackers. Six hundred bottles of kosher wine were sent from the United States, 200 pounds of Matzah from Israel and Kantor is in the midst of preparing some 350 chickens in the kosher manner prescribed by Jewish law.

The Kantors are also sending Seder provisions to more remote Asian outposts, including Burma and Vietnam.

CUZCO, Peru - Tucked away in the Andes near the border with Bolivia (and with a permanent Jewish population of one), three Lubavitch emissaries are preparing a seder here for 700 Jewish backpackers. In recent years, the remote areas of South and Central America have become popular with young Jews as well, so rabbinical students have been dispatched to the mountainous terrain with provisions enough for the seder. Lacking the proper facilities in Cuzco, most of the food is being flown in from the Lubavitch center in Lima.

HAVANA, Cuba - Lubavitch emissaries will lead a communal seder and deliver about 350 packages with food and medical supplies to Jews in need, as they have been doing regularly in recent years. They are also planning special holiday programs for the elderly and an educational rally for children.

HONG KONG - Lubavitch emissaries, headed by Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai Avtzon, are gearing up for a large seder in the four-star Furama Hotel in downtown Victoria. In addition, the Avtzons are arranging some of the other seders in the region.

KOBE, Japan - "Especially in [our] community [which is a very] small community, where there is no rabbi to conduct Jewish things, it's unbelievably important for the people that the Lubavitch emissaries come here," says community organizer Nissan Anavian. "They bring light to people sometimes completely in darkness, especially in Japan where there is nothing."

Lubavitch emissaries will conduct a seder for some 70 members of the Jewish community.

PUCON, Chile - 12 hours south of Santiago, 150-200 people will enjoy a seder near the world-famous live volcano in the Pucon area that doubles as a major ski trail.

SHANGHAI, China - Continuing its work on behalf of the expatriate Jewish population here, permanent Lubavitch emissaries and community leaders Rabbi Shalom and Mrs. Dinie Greenberg are holding a communal seder for some 150 Jews at the prestigious Portman Ritz-Carlton hotel.

S. GEORGE'S, Grenada - More than 80 Jewish medical students - and a few of their parents - on this Eastern Caribbean island will enjoy Passover seders and services with the help of two Lubavitch rabbis from New York.

TOKYO - Outfitted with exact seder provisions down to the exact number of horseradish bottles (16), paper tablecloths (32), and bottles of wine (153), Lubavitch rabbinical students will lead two public seders in Tokyo. One seder will be conducted in English for the local community of Jewish business "expats," while the other will be in Hebrew for Israeli merchants and travelers.

Summing up, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, spokesman for the worldwide Lubavitch movement, said, "The Rebbe [Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory] continually urged us to reach out and find the "Fifth Son" - and daughter - who may not even know about Passover and its observances, and ensure that he and she too have places at the seder table. The Jewish people can clearly take pride and comfort in the outreach spearheaded by the more than 2,400 Lubavitch institutions scattered around the globe."