We humans invest a lot of effort into improving our lives. From working to make money to purchasing appliances and accessories, we can spend a lifetime in pursuit of a “better life.” But what does such a life actually look like, and how do we get there?

As in all matters, the keys can be found embedded in the age-old teachings of the Torah and the sages. Join acclaimed scholar Menucha Schochet, an instructor at Beis Chana High School in Los Angeles, for a new course titled “Joy, Love, Truth,” as she sets out to present a personal and authentically Jewish approach to a more fulfilled life.

The course, which is available exclusively on Chabad.org, begins on Tuesday, Jan. 22, and runs for four consecutive weeks.


The first installment will delve into the question of what true love means, and how individuals can learn to love everyone, even those we may not like.

The second session will address issues of faith, including how it is nurtured and why it is crucial for a fulfilled life.

In the third lesson, Schochet will focus on authenticity and how to turn the varied facets of our personalities into our authentic selves.

The final installment, “Redemption,” will explore the utility of failure and the meaning of redemption.

Each lecture will be accompanied by texts, live chat boards, quizzes and student support at every step of the way. Although the course is offered free of charge, sign-up is required and a donation suggested.

“Life is too precious to allow us to let it pass by without investing it with meaning and joy,” says Rabbi Zalman Refson, who produced the course. “Mrs. Schochet will address the fundamental questions and share authentic Jewish answers that will leave us thinking, feeling and living better.”

To enroll in the course, visit the registration page here.