Abraham and Sarah: a renegade Mesopotamian couple who propagated monotheism to a world steeped in superstition and idolatry. Abraham and Sarah, the progenitors of several dramatic chapters in the book of Genesis. Abraham and Sarah, whose spousal spats were settled by a prophetic intervention that is still being discussed millennia later.

All that and more, Abraham and Sarah were chosen by G‑d to be the parents of the Jewish people and the progenitors of a revolutionary new way of life. Have you ever felt the yen to get to know Abraham and Sarah better, to understand what made this quintessential power couple tick?

Join acclaimed educator Chana Slavaticki as she unpacks layers of context, subtext and relevance in the ancient tales, texts and traditions that surround Abraham and Sarah. The course begins on Oct. 16 and will run for four consecutive Tuesdays.


A graduate of Ohel Sarah Women’s College in Melbourne, Australia, and Beit Chana Seminary in Safed, Israel, Slavaticki currently lectures at Yeshivat Rambam and the Women's Institute of Torah in her hometown of Baltimore, as well as around the world.

In a four-part video course titled Abraham & Sarah: A Real Startup Story, Slavaticki will draw pertinent and enlightening lessons from Abraham and Sarah following G‑d to the Promised Land, how the two perceived and dealt with Sarah’s extraordinary beauty, when Sarah’s laughter landed her in hot water, and how they managed to overcome the challenge of G‑d commanding Abraham to sacrifice their beloved son atop Mount Moriah (spoiler alert: It was just a test).

Each lecture will be accompanied by texts, live chat boards, quizzes and student support at every step of the way. Although the courses are offered free of charge, sign up is required and a donation suggested.

“Abraham and Sarah are literally in the DNA of our people, and their influence on our spiritual makeup is even greater,” says Rabbi Zalman Refson, who produced the course. “Sign up today, and get ready to see them—and yourself—in an entirely new light.”

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