A new design to bring you more of what you asked for
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the redesigned Chabad.org and ChabadOnline.com. There are a number of exciting changes the site has gone through and we hope you like what we have made to serve you better.

The redesign of Chabad.org and ChabadOnline.com is no mere facelift, it is a complete recreation of the site from ground up to give you more of what you have been asking for: more content and more features in a more easily accessible format.

You could discover all that we've added, changed and improved by clicking through the site by yourself, however if you have a moment, take a look at the list below to see what's new in the site.

Where did it go?
In creating the new site we took both sites, Chabad.org and ChabadOnline.com, brought them together into a single site and built upon them. For those of you who had a favorite feature or item in the old site that you can’t find now, this page should help you find it or you can use our feedback page to ask us where it is now. We are always glad to help.

Why a redesign?
We redesigned the site to:

  • Give you better navigation to the thousands of articles, books and audio/video content available in the site
  • Make it easier to get to material from past weeks, parshahs, etc.
  • Add more content to each of the sections in the site
  • Enhance the home page to make it more flexible and news focused with frequent updates
  • Allow you to search the material in the site to find exactly what you are looking for
  • Improve and add to all of the tools that were there before such as the ability to look up candle lighting times, to find a Chabad center, and more

What keeps us ticking...
Don’t worry, we won't go into the “nuts and bolts” of what makes the site run nor discuss everything that has occurred behind the scenes over the last year to make it happen. However, it is worth taking a moment to mention that the biggest change the site has undergone is with what you don’t see—the engine responsible for storing and presenting all of its content.

Our previous site was a collection of non-dynamic, manually created and maintained pages. It was a growing challenge to maintain its rapidly expanding content. No longer! Every one of the over 40 thousand articles in the new site are stored in a database and generated dynamically whenever you click a link.

The application that runs all this was custom built by an extremely talented group of programmers dedicated to the success of Chabad.org.

Expect more out of us
What this means for you is that it is easier and faster than ever to add new content and present that content in ways that suit you best. Expect to see updates to the site now occurring on a daily basis, whether the creation of a new section, the addition of a new book or article...everyday something new is being added.

An overview of the changes

The Home Page

  • More flexible and news oriented
  • Updated weekly, or even more often, with new additions to the site
  • More topical with the ability to highlight the significant events of the week

The Magazine

  • Expanded with new writers and new artists
  • Better archives for past issues
  • An updated Thought for the Day section
  • Added a calendar of significant events in Jewish history.


  • Parshah now has an entire section of its own
  • Contains a brief parshah summary, an in-depth look at the parshah through the eyes of the sages drawing on selected commentaries from the last 3000 years
  • Added a contemporary translation of the parshah text for each week
  • Will soon be adding Chumash with Rashi’s commentary and a parshah section for kids

Daily Study

  • Contains more study material than every before
  • Added high quality scans of the pages of Tehillim/Psalms and an excellent English translation
  • Added all of Rambam’s Mishna Torah in Hebrew text
  • Tanya is now presented in the same formatting as the printed version
  • All audio content is now available either in streaming RealAudio or downloadable MP3 format.


  • Brought the essential items together in a single page
  • Added the dates when the each holiday occurs this year
  • Added a brief description and history of the holiday
  • Added a section describing the laws and customs for each holiday
  • Included links to articles offering a deeper, spiritual experience of the holiday


  • Added four new calendars site; 1) A 1000 year Civil to Hebrew date conversion, 2) a Jewish birthday calendar, 3) a Bar/Bas Mitzvah calendar and 4) a Yahrtzeit calendar
  • Explains the significance of each calendar in Jewish life


  • The search to find a Chabad center near you has been updated and improved
  • The information is automatically updated from the main head office directory so it is always accurate


  • Redesigned to help you select more appropriate subscriptions (i.e. advanced, for children, etc)
  • Added many new items you can subscribe to
  • Automated the process of unsubscribing to make it faster and easier

Your feedback
We hope the changes we have made will improve your experience at Chabad.org...that you will find what you are looking for faster and find more items of interest than before. In order to make this site the best it can possibly be we need your feedback.  Please take a moment to comment on the site using our feedback page

We're interested in hearing whatever you have to say, compliment, criticism, a suggestion for something you would like to see added, whatever comes to mind!