An 11-year-old girl who ran away from home on Saturday has been reunited with her parents unharmed after nearly two days of having been missing. Thousands had joined in searches throughout Sydney, Australia, over the weekend, and there were prayers and good deeds done on her behalf worldwide.

Superintendent Jason Box of the Eastern Suburbs Local Area Command told local media that a member of the public recognized Michelle Levy on Monday morning and called her mother, who immediately alerted the police.

After rejoining her parents, detectives were interviewing the girl to find out where she had been since she left her home on Saturday evening.

Rabbi Eli Feldman, director of Young Adult Chabad in Bondi, had taken part in the search along with police and thousands of local volunteers, and spearheaded an international campaign for prayers and good deeds on her behalf.

“Now that she has come home,” said Feldman, “people can dedicate a mitzvah out of joy, instead of out of anxiety!”