During the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, rabbis and guests from around the world came to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, for a chance to improve their craft, reconnect with old friends and gain inspiration for the year to come. Many of these special moments were shared on social media with the #Kinus hashtag. Below is our list of the 16 most epic moments of the 30th annual #Kinus 5774-2013.

1. The Chabad rabbi who doesn't quit - even in the taxi from the airport.

2. The chance to learn from experts and scholars:

3. The #Rabbi who got #excited about #Hashtags at #Kinus

4. The most epic start to #Movember in the world:

5. Young Shluchim getting a special kosher treat:

6. The quiet moments of connection between two friends who haven't seen each other in a year:

7. The chance to reflect and reconnect with the mission we're on.

8. The guest who realized that Chabad was doing Social Media back when records and rotary-phones weren't just retro.


9. The annual group shot of Chabad emissaries from around the world

10. The photographer for the group shot who had to somehow fit thousands of Rabbis into one frame

And the Chabad Rabbi who found a meaning behind it.

11. Finally being able to hear what exactly taking that picture actually sounds like

12. That moment you walk through the entrance of the banquet hall:

and realize that you've stepped into something truly immense

13. The message of this year's conference

...and the lesson learned from it by someone on the other side of the world

14. Senator Lieberman addressing the crowd

15. The timeless lessons taught by Rabbi Dov Greenberg

16. And the ecstatic joy of dancing at the end