By meeting criteria established by the Hackney London Borough Council, the Lubavitch Senior Girls School won official recognition as a state-supported educational institution.

Now classified as a Voluntary Aided School, the institution will see a major part of its operational costs covered by the local education authority, freeing up Chabad-Lubavitch resources to be invested into other Jewish schools and educational, social welfare and outreach projects for the wider Jewish community.

With almost 120 children enrolled, the school has consistently achieved high marks in national exams and sits in the top quartile of schools in Hackney. It follows the Lubavitch Girls Primary School, which was recognized for state aid in 2004.

“This is a tribute to our dedicated and competent staff so capably led by Mrs. Helen Freeman and Mrs. Golda Junik,” commented school principal Rabbi Shmuel Lew, “and our precious pupils whom the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills rated as ‘outstanding’ in their moral and spiritual values.”

Freeman, who serves as the senior school headmistress, received her education at the local Sir Thomas Abney and Skinners schools.

“After receiving my education in Hackney myself, I am thrilled at the opportunity to give back to the borough,” she said.

Freda Sudak, who serves as the headmistress of the Lubavitch Girls Primary School, spearheaded the effort after her school secured state aid.

The Lubavitch Junior Boys School, also located in Hackney, is currently undergoing a review process that officials expect will result in its own aid recognition in 2012.