After 10 years of relying on a mobile-sukkah driven by Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Eli Feldman to fulfill their Sukkot needs, Jews in the Australian city of Wollongong erected their own temporary hut this year.

According to Kibbutz Ex Volunteers Association coordinator Yoke Berry, the structure is the region’s first-ever sukkah, a holiday fixture that symbolizes the Almighty’s all-encompassing protection. Yoke and her husband Bill constructed the Sukkah in the backyard of their home with the assistance of prominent local Jewish community members Ivan Basserabie and Professor Greg Rose.

On Sunday, Feldman joined local Jewish community members, Wollongong University students and faculty in the new sukkah for a special holiday celebration coordinated by Berry’s organization in conjunction with the Australasian Union of Jewish Students.

Berry explained that Feldman’s dedication to bring Sukkot to Wollongong every year inspired the local community.

“Every year we have more participants,” she said, “and every year we wait for this event so that we may enjoy the sukkah and the spiritual inspiration that comes with it.”