Moroccan authorities arrested six people in connection with last month’s terrorist bombing of a Marrakech café that killed 17 people, including a Jewish couple from China, and orphaned their little boy.

According to news reports, police last week tracked down and arrested the main suspect after finding his phone at the site of the bomb blast. Two others were also arrested with him in the town of Safi, about 350 kilometers south of Casablanca. The developments came almost two weeks after the May 1 Jerusalem burial of Messod and Michal Wizman, who were active in the Chabad-Lubavitch run Shanghai Jewish Center.

According to police, the main suspect, Adil El Atmani, left two bags containing bombs on the terrace of the Argana Café. The devices were detonated April 28 by a cellular phone call after Atmani left the café, according to a security source quoted by CNN.

Moroccan authorities have been working closely with both the FBI and police in Germany, where three men were arrested the day after the bombing. Two had connections to Morocco; both were accused of plotting terrorist attacks in Germany.

The leader of the German cell reportedly is a Moroccan who was in contact with Atmani prior to the Marrakech bombing. He is allegedly an operative of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb terrorist organization, and an expert in explosives.

Atmani, who according to the AFP news agency learned how to make explosives through an Internet tutorial, was expelled from numerous countries in the past decade. Although he was described by Morrocan Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui as a “keen jihadist who has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda,” Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb reportedly denied responsibility for the attack.

The other three suspects arrested this week were also residents of Safi, including one shop owner. All three were aware of the plot, according to police.