Diamond magnate and Jewish philanthropist Lev Leviev – who serves as president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia – joined locals in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Ohr Avner Chabad Day School.

Leviev, whose Ohr Avner Foundation, has underwritten a Jewish educational revolution in the former Soviet Union, also met with Vladimir Nikonov, deputy director of the Novosibirsk Regional Administration and its Minister of Education and Science. At the meeting, which focused on issues relating to Ohr Avner’s continued development, Leviev was joined by Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Zalman Zaklas, the city’s chief rabbi; and local Jewish community leaders.

Following the meeting, Leviev toured a newly-built ritual bath that was constructed with the financial support of the Bistritsky family and the European Rabbinical Center.

At the school anniversary celebration, Leviev found a packed concert hall, where he congratulated teachers and their pupils. In his remarks, he stressed that Jewish survival depended on quality education and adhering to traditional values.