Moscow’s Lechaim Publishing House and the F.R.E.E. Publishing House of New York – who previously brought a Russian-language publication about Judaism’s laws about family purity and ritual baths to the marketplace – joined forces once again to release a step-by-step guide in the observance of kosher dietary laws.

Entitled Body and Soul – Kashrut in the Modern Kitchen, the book “will teach both the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher” about the spiritual and practical aspects of such practices as separating meat and milk and refraining from non-kosher animal products.

“The reader will learn everything from the origins of kosher law to how to bring kosher practice into their daily life,” said Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi David Okunov, associate director of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, whose F.R.E.E. Publishing House specializes in Russian-language works and translations of classic Jewish texts.”

The 432-page hardcover book was written by Rabbi Michael and Sima Koritz, authors of the publishing houses’ previous collaborative project, Mayim Chayim.