New Jewish Center Opens in Northern Illinois

The state of Illinois’ 32nd Chabad-Lubavitch center opened in the northern town of Vernon Hills. Scheduling their first program to coincide with Chanukah, newly-arrived Rabbi Shimi and Rochel Susskind hosted more than 50 people from Chicago’s northern suburbs for an open-house holiday celebration.

Kosher Food at Climate Conference

Jewish attendees of this year’s International Climate Conference in Copenhagen had access to kosher food. Throughout the conference, Rabbi Yitzchok Loewenthal of Chabad of Denmark and a team of French yeshiva students coordinated programming and hospitality for Jewish participants of the conference.

Good Deeds Pledged for Rabbi’s Birthday

In honor of Rabbi Berel Levertov’s 40th birthday, some 100 Jewish residents in S. Fe, N.M. – where the rabbi serves as director of the local Chabad-Lubavitch center – pledged to perform acts of goodness and kindness. The combined gift, said the rabbi, “was perfect.”