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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Teitzei: 1st Portion

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Leah September 2, 2014

ben sorer - I just don't understand where does it say - I thought I saw it but cannot find it now - where does it say that the sanhedrin or the men of the city would determine or assess whether or not the ben sorer is guilty ? It seems as though he is stoned to death based only on the parents' word? I thought I read somewhere that the situation is assessed first? Reply

Clifford Stanley Austin Kalpetta; Wayanad district. August 31, 2014

2 Samuel chapter 12 verses 1 to 10. Reply

Anonymous Dallas August 12, 2013

rabbi g is on fire "like we used to say in NJ, equal pasqual" hahahahahah Reply

Anonymous RJ August 30, 2012

Bal Haturim Sorer = guematria 466
ze avshalom ben David = guematria 467
The numeric value is not the same! Reply

Anonymous Blacksburg, VA September 5, 2011

Huh? I'm not sure I agree with the interpretation of why the hair and the nails. The hair...well, that's something many JEWISH women do when they get married. As to the nails, historically the people who grew long nails were those who did not do housework.

So isn't the point of this verse that she is to be treated like a wife and not like a slave? Reply

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