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Rabbi Gordon - Matot-Massei: 5th Portion

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Aharon Faiman New Hempstead July 14, 2020

B'Midbar 33:49 w/Rashi gives the size of the camp in the midbar. I suppose the camp was a square shape. This means it was 12 mil by 12 mil according to Rabbah bar bar Chana. This equals approximately from 7 to 8.65 miles square in size.

1 mil =~ 2000 amos amah = 18 - 23 inches 1 mil =~ 1028 - 1269 yards
1 yard = 36 inches 1 miles = 1760 yards so 12 mil =~ 12336 - 15228 yards
=~ 7 - 8.6 miles Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles July 20, 2017

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I have had people try to co opt me on the way home, and get insulted and offended when I ditch them because I have my own independent agenda.We don't have a meeting of the minds, and Community Police are actually trying to "coerce" me. I disliked this kind of "forced and coerced" socialization. It is vexatious and annoying. Reply

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