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Rabbi Gordon - Pinchas: 5th Portion

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Noah USA July 10, 2014

Daily Prayers Hello Rabbi Gordon.

Thank you very much for the Parsha classes.

My question is this: When Moshiach comes and the temple is rebuilt, will the Jewish people still daven the morning and afternoon prayers, since, I assume at least, the korbanot will offered again? Reply

A July 5, 2018
in response to Noah:

What makes you think otherwise? Reply

David Lobell ]tarzana June 27, 2021
in response to A :

When the Mashiach arrives the 3rd. Temple will be built and korbonos will resume in the Temple. Since our prayers replaced the Korbanos would it not.make sense that the Korbanos will replace the daily prayers? Reply

Rabbi Shlomie Deren for June 29, 2021
in response to David Lobell:

From the Talmud's description (Sukkah 53a) of the schedule of the Simchas Beis Ha'Shoeiva during the time of the second Temple, it is clear that they did pray the daily prayers even while bringing the daily sacrifices. It would seem that the same will be true after Moshiach comes. While our prayers were set up to parallel (and replace) the daily sacrifices that is not their only purpose. Reply

David Lobell June 29, 2021
in response to Rabbi Shlomie Deren for

Toda raba Rabbi!!! Reply

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