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The Meaning of Meaning

What Defines Real: Lesson 8


The Meaning of Meaning: What Defines Real: Lesson 8

After grappling with the concepts of the origin of multiplicity and the origin of unity, we tackle the question of the nature of meaning within human experience. The ‘contrast theory of meaning,’ states that one can only appreciate one quality if one has its opposite as a basis of comparison. In the Messianic age, we will ascend to a new level of reality where the contrasts are all within relative levels of goodness.
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James Andresen Omaha, Ne August 11, 2016

I struggle with the science and the metaphysical concepts of truth/reality. You have helped me beyond my expectations. Trouble is, I desire a simplicity of understanding which is much like returning to womb. I want to feel comfortable in the not knowing as much as the knowing. I personally feel quantum physics has presented us with evidence which leads us to HeShem, but to be honest, I do not understand the intricacies of the science. Hence my anxiety. I often wish I were a child again, it was a more comfortable time for my soul. Reply

Rabbi Asher Crispe Merion Station, PA November 27, 2013

Interinclusion.org I'm so glad you enjoyed these videos. Please make sure to go to Interinclusion.org where I post all of my articles and will soon be posting video classes as well. Reply

Anonymous November 22, 2013

so helpful I listen to Asher Crispe over and over again...He is gifted by HaShem to teach these areas with clarity and meaning. Reply

Tzvi (Harvey) Lang Crown Heights, USA June 5, 2012

Crispe's series A masterful presentation. Awesome!
A MUST for all of us "Ayin Beisers" Reply

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