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Korach: Love for the Game

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Korach: Love for the Game

We all love the game of tennis and “love” is also a score in the game i.e. zero points. What does all this have to do with Korach?

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Dovid Benveniste,Tsfat June 19, 2012

Live and Let for us? Since when is a Jew supposed to mind his own business and look away when it comes to the happiness and well being of another?Isn't that the midos of Sodom? Reply

Anonymous johannesburg, South africa June 24, 2011

Love Why is it the listeners/readers constantly critisize the Rabbis. Listen to or read the articles and learn from them. If you are so clever or well learned submit your own contributions. Reply

Lev San Francisco June 23, 2011

toda, Rabbi! Your love of Judaism bursts forth from the video like a crashing wave on the shore. Thank you for a wonderful teaching on Korach and tennis. I am a tennis fan and I never knew why zero was called "love". Thank you for reminding us to express love for our fellows and Judaism.

It is amazing how often expressing love for each other is the answer to challenging life situations.

Shalom! Reply

Tamar NY, NY June 20, 2011

love v. l'oeuf the two opinions as to how 'love' came to mean 'nothing' in tennis are exactly what the lesson of the portion is all about - differing opinions, and respect for each one!
The Rabbi did say he had looked it up so there is obviously more than one answer. Learn the 'love' lesson and don't look for dissension - or you may land up with egg on your face :-) Reply

Anonymous Edison May 13, 2011

meaning of " love" in tennis tennis- a French game [jeu de paume]-and a score of zero, is a score of a number shaped like an egg. In French, the egg is
l'oeuf which sounds like love only with a final "f" sound, not a "v". The rabbi didn't do his research on that one. Reply

Anonymous Rosario, Argentina June 26, 2008

loved it! Shalom Rav Dubov, what a wonderful warm welcome! GREAT INSIGHT! Simple, genuine and profound and ... quite brittish... Am always looking forward to your little marathon-talk.
Greetings from a european lost in Argentina.
Shabat shalom. Reply

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