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Bamidbar: Torah in the Desert

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Bamidbar: Torah in the Desert

The Torah was given to the Jewish people in the Sinai desert. Why did G‑d choose such a desolate place to reveal this most precious gift?

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Chanah Eibenshutz Piscioneri Dallas, Texas,USA May 25, 2011

Question Rabbi, This video is just marvelous. Thank you. In it, you make a statement that the Torah was first given to the women and then to the men. This is the first time I have heard this and am intrigued. I would appreciate the source for how we understand this.
Aloso, coulld you please write out the blessing you quote for Shavuot.
Many thanks to you for your work. Reply

Jewish.TV Editor via mychabad.org May 24, 2011

re: more! We have many videos featuring Rabi Dubov. Just search his name in the search bar at the top of the screen. Reply

Eilee Baldwin Star, Idaho via jewishidaho.com May 22, 2011

more! I was looking for online video classes to study and have run across Rabbi Dubov. I listened to Torah in the Desert and thought he was AWSOME!! I live in Idaho, and just enjoyed him soo much!!! Does he do any weekly teaching of Torah online or on television!! I loved him!!!

Eileen B
Star, Id. Reply

Shlomo chicago, il May 17, 2009

Great introduction to Bamidbar, Thanks again ! Reply

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