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The Woman Who Answers G‑d's Emails

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The Woman Who Answers G‑d's Emails

Meet Chani Benjaminson, born in Rome, she speaks several languages and directs's Ask the Rabbi team.
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JDV October 8, 2023 is very special to me, especially" Ask the Rabbi" site, so a big thank you to everyone.

Now that Israel is fighting for its life, I have to ask myself what one isolated person, such as myself, can do. Financial donations don't seem to do the trick because this is a global problem and is so tied to politics and history.

Do any other readers have suggestions? I'm sure that Chabad will be deluged with requests from everywhere, going forward. Reply

S UK August 8, 2023

It was really nice to put a face to a name, Having hand a response from Mrs Benjaminson through Then listening to the heartfelt positive response to a mother in need, brought years to my eyes. is one of my favourite resource places, a wonderful website for educational courses and a variety of Rabbi's teaching Torah. Thank you, for all your efforts these are greatly appreciated. Reply

Sammy August 6, 2023

I listened to the podcast episode version of this, and for me, it was inspiring to hear about Mrs. Benjaminson's experience working long hours, and I identified with that. I'm a student employee groundskeeper for my school, I try to make room for a social life, and I have multiple hobbies as well. Things can get really busy, and it's unfortunately easy to forget G-d. I find that one thing that helps is maintaining some type of Jewish community. Attend any free courses on Jewish topics you can find, whether they're in person or online. I've started up a Jewish Studies binder, and I really love it. Reply

Soshia Cantor Sharon,Ma. via August 3, 2023

Baruch HaShem!
Thank you you be blessed with ongoing blessings forever! Reply

Sarah Chana Montreal August 3, 2023

Thank you so much for all that you do for so many; myself included. Reply

Felipe de Jesus Zamudio Puebla, Mexico. August 3, 2023

Dear Chani you are a wonderful human being, let me tell you this I admire you, you are a blessing to us. Reply

Vicki Stone Portland August 2, 2023

Chani, since you are reading this, THANK YOU!! such a role model!! Reply

Anthony Cape Town, South Africa August 2, 2023

Chani Benjaminson has responded to many of my mundane queries with such warmth and engagement and willingness to help that I am grateful as much to her as I am to Thank you for this uplifting video. A query: part of my hearing is crushed. Can consider sub-titles? Thanks again, Anthony. Reply

Esther Margaretten Tzfat August 2, 2023

Kudos to you Chanie, so nice to put a face to our communications! And kudos to your mother, Sara, whom I knew in Crown Heights. And to your amazing work. Kol Hakavod and May Hashem give you much strength to continue helping so many! Reply

Tzvi Fastag Brooklyn, New York August 2, 2023

May Hashem Bless you for your holy work, granting you life, health, and strength.
I think many persons are in a quest for happiness. They believe that receiving love will give them happiness. I believe that the truth is just the opposite. A person does not achieve true happiness by receiving love but by giving love to others.
May Hashem give you health & strength to continue your avodat Hakodesh! Reply

Tzvi August 2, 2023

Unbelievable. Tysm for all the amazing work of the Team Reply

Beatriz Acrich Cohen New Jersey August 1, 2023

Uplifting, inspiring interview! Thanks for sharing. Reply

Lisa K Helprin Earlysville Virginia USA August 1, 2023

What a very wonderful woman and very inspiring interview - thank you! Reply

Y.Y. Miami August 1, 2023

Wow wow wow. Great interview

Mrs C. Benjamininson what an inspiration.

Hashem should give you much strength in answering His emails and for all your holy work .

Kol hakavod. Reply

A. K. July 31, 2023

Nice interview. Shows how professional is and how helpful it is to many Jews and non-Jews. Reply

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