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The Impact of Abuse, Addictions, and Mental Health Challenges on Our Marriage

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The Impact of Abuse, Addictions, and Mental Health Challenges on Our Marriage

Meet Shua and Bashie Naparstek and learn how a marriage can withstand the greatest challenges.
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Addiction & Recovery, Mental Health, Abuse

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Bracha Goetz Baltimore January 24, 2023


Anonymous Israel January 17, 2023

Shua, Bashi, my greatest respect and admiration for your courage in being interviewed.
My wife and I come from a similar background to yours - abuse and mental health issues.
We have built a successful marriage, nearing 23 years now, Baruch haShem.
It can be done.
Your bravery makes you excellent role models for many others.
Thanks again. Reply

Masha Rapoport Michigan September 4, 2022

Thank you for speaking openly on tabu subjects. Reply

Simcha September 1, 2022

So brave of you two for sharing your personal challenges. Kudos to for recognizing the need to talk about addiction, mental health and abuse. Reply

Tzippy Florida August 18, 2022

Thank you for being so brave and bringing to light issues that are usually swept under the rug. Reply

Yisroel Las Vegas August 18, 2022

Thank you so much Shua, Bashie and Chana, this is amazing and inspiring! Keep up the great work Reply

Martha Radzimirska Toronto August 17, 2022

This was very interesting to watch. By Shua's experience, I feel he is struggling between Hashem's laws and his personal feelings that might be different, his desires are fighting with him, and he is fighting hard to overcome them. A super struggle, I am familiar with this with my time volunteering on a crisis line. Reply

Joyce F Oxfeld Philadelphia August 15, 2022

I think some of my religious friends would not understand my own struggles with a dysfunctional family, my Mom’s MH issues then mine.
My secular family did not , and there was very little outreach, when I was growing up and still lived with my Parents.
But I always understood that I needed , and still need the support of my spiritual connections. Reply

N. France July 21, 2022

I'm in total awe of this outstanding couple! May Hashem bless them with loads of nachas, health in all areas and only good! This is a must watch for every couple and couple to be. Reply

B July 15, 2022

Really inspirational Reply

Chana Cohen July 13, 2022

Wow. I am so inspired by this beautiful and special couple. We need more of these types of videos.

So many men struggle with porn addictions. Let's start talking about it, so people can get help. Reply

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