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"Not Alone": My Struggle With Mental Health Challenges

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"Not Alone": My Struggle With Mental Health Challenges

Bashi was diagnosed with bipolar, depression, and anxiety as a young mother. Through her challenges, she discovered her power of belief in G-d, the gift of Chassidic teachings, and the power of meeting and sharing with others.
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Depression, Bipolar, Mental Health

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Chava Illinois May 25, 2023

I’m so so happy that you shared your story! Thank you so so much! You are so inspiring and making such a big difference by sharing this story! I’m so moved and grateful for all your doing by sharing! Thank you so much! Reply

R Anonymous September 29, 2022

I am so grateful to both of you for this interview. Thank you Bashi for your courage that has made me feel so less alone and so less lost. As a woman in the frum community in London, we never hear about mental health struggles and I just hide away and want to run away. I married a man who has ke"h several children, and I live my mental health struggle alone and in secret. My husband knows, but at first he said he can't cope with the idea of it so I shut up again and do not speak of it. It has been hard on my frumkeit, and i have a very vacillating relationship with Hashem at the moment becauae of this struggle. Hearing you speak of Mode Ani was important to me, for so many times I have begged Hashem to not return my soul and I have felt bitter at having to thank Him for returning me when I wish so much not to be, and guilt for such ingratitude. I cried when I heard you saying "you're not alone, it's ok". Thank you for speaking out and helping us know it's ok. Thank you. Reply

Georgette Bensimon Montreal May 15, 2022

You are a strong and courageous soul. BH you were able to reach out and get help. Many of us are in your state and do not know where to turn. I am in Montreal. Is there any way I can reach out to a group such as yours? Reply

Rochel Montreal July 26, 2022
in response to Georgette Bensimon:

Hi Georgette, you can email [email protected], or call me at 514 713 3189. We have an all womens group such as what Bashie talks about Reply

Esther Brooklyn May 2, 2022

Wow! Thank you Bashi for sharing your story! I was crying. This is so touching. You are an inspiration and light. I admire how humble you are. Reply

Anonymous Seattle May 2, 2022

Bashie thank you for your courage in sharing your mental health challenge and the steps you have taken to manage them to live a productive life. You’re blessed with a birth family that helped you and to have married a man who has stood by you on your journey with your challenges. I appreciate you sharing about support groups ( that are free and would add another in the USA is Continued success on your life journey.

Shalom & Love✡️ Reply

Esther Tzfat May 1, 2022

Fantastic, thank you Bashie and Chana, this is story so very important, and could help so so many people, even those not with any diagnosis but simply struggling with things in life day to day. What you’re saying applies to everyone, especially what you say about how important it is to forge a personal relationship with Hashem.

May you both be blessed for coming out with this! Reply

B May 1, 2022

You are spreading light! Thank you! Reply

Jona Newark April 29, 2022

modê ani! thank you hashem!
thanks for sharing!
sending best wishes. Reply

Miriam USA April 29, 2022

Bashie...I am in my 74th year now and your story was my story! Including the singing! :) Thank you for sharing your life with us. You radiate goodness and kindness. Thanks to Chana too for this wonderful segment. Reply

Matisyahu Raanana, Israel April 29, 2022

Sholem aleichem dearest Bashie,
Such a moving conversation. You’re so brave and strong. You’re a light and inspiration to us all. I was so moved and inspired by your story. I will look up the emotions anonymous as a consequence. I think you may have changed my life…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hatzloche u’vroche
Matisyahu, Raanana, Israel Reply

Aliza April 29, 2022

Beautiful gd bless you from strength to strength Reply

Issac April 28, 2022

If I may say so, even with all the 'diagnosis' and hearing your story, I still believe that you are much much healthier then most people out there.

The doctors will label it with their labels.
(Labels are good for business.)

But I'm sure the Rebbe would diagnose you: a very sensitive pure soul.
There is probably no person in the world that can't be labeled with at least one of these diagnosis'.

Yes, you weren't able to function so you sought help and BH it worked. But did that cause you to be a different category?
Together with the new atheist\agnostic world that we live in, which is the largest religion today, the leaders of the religion (the scientists and doctors) have made molds of how they would like people to be. You see, they like to play God. Like Pharaoh in Egypt.

I would stick with God's plan. He created me exactly how I
am, and if I am perfect for him, and if He loves me and trusts me to do whats right, and "the world was created for me" why should I compare? Reply

Inspired UK April 28, 2022

Wow! This was absolutely amazing.

Your attitude is so healthy! Even with my ADD this was an enthralling 50 minutes not one second was boring!!!

(Although I'm not sure if letting EVERYONE know about our worries or anxieties is the right path. The Rebbe writes in hayom yom to reveal our secrets to others that if they feel what you are going through.)

This was very encouraging and helpful. So many age old lessons of Torah and especially in chassidus to live the moment as a new creation of God, and to accept and be greateful, are the medication for so many of our problems.

Thanks again Reply

KJL NY April 28, 2022

Thank you Chana, Bashie and to the editors who posted this. Bashie’s story shares deep similarities to a great deal of my own experience. In her bitachon and willingness to be transparent, somehow, there is healing that radiates far beyond her; even into the lives of others. Reply

Krana Brooklyn, NY April 28, 2022

You are a BRAVE woman, Bashie! You have put helping others before yourself, while risking criticism from those who are simply afraid of dealing with those (or themselves!) that havethe "mental health issues. You should know, that due to this selfless bravery, you are spreading knowledge & healing, & dispelling the fear & ignorance, & lessening the "stigma" that surrounds this very sensitive subject. Kol ha kavod, (ALL the respect!) & may Hashem BLESS you & your family with sweet & REVEALED GOODNESS always! (& may He SPEEDILY bring Moshiach & the Geulah, (Redemption) when PERMANENT healing & peace will cover the face of the earth!😊❤👍🌎 Reply

lilly stern cote st luc April 28, 2022

I am thankful for this video.

I live in montreal and would like to join the group of "emotions anonymous" that she refers to. Can she please give me the coordinates to find them? Reply

L July 25, 2022
in response to lilly stern:

You can join by emailing [email protected] Reply

Nadide Batin Zurich April 28, 2022

Thank you so much and all the best. Reply

Scott Avidon April 28, 2022

Thank you Bashi and Chana. This message found me :) Reply

M M April 27, 2022

Thank you for sharing your story Reply

Anonymous Israel April 27, 2022

My first impression is you are healthy. Hearing your whole story, my opinion is not changed. Take the labels, take them and throw them out. I hereby diagnose you as a Bas Yisrael suffering from being human. That is enough. Now open yourself up beyond your own life and connect to the suffering of life and death in Israel with plenty of opportunity for shlichus. Allowing others to place limits on your abilities is a mistake. We all struggle. This generation, especially! We all feel down, we all have some dysfunction, some psychological impairment, we all damage ourselves. All I ask is that you take that struggle home, you learn more about the centrality of Israel when you spread light and do your shlichus in Israel. The days of the exile are over, staying any longer delays Mashiach and Jews literally die from isolation in Israel. Come home! Reply

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