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The Greater the Deficiency, The Greater the Love

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Marc Alabama January 10, 2022

Thank you for this message, sometimes people can search and search for any benefits behind these "deficiency's" and find nothing. Your message universally shows there is indeed a great benefit! Reply

Nancy Hochman Long Beach, NY January 9, 2022

I love how you gave over the Friedicker (spelling?)Rebbe’s message. We—givers and receivers, at different times of our lives, and sometimes, simultaneously—can all benefit from opening our hearts even wider, commensurate with the need.
It seems like there’s no way Mashiach can stay away if we treat one another with this depth of love! Thanks so much for sharing this!! Reply

Mrs. Chana Weisberg January 10, 2022
in response to Nancy Hochman:

thanks Nancy. It's so true, at different times, in different ways, we are all givers and all receivers. And sometimes by receiving, we also become givers by allowing others to give. Reply

Cynthia United States January 9, 2022

This is a much needed divine message. Reply

Mrs. Chana Weisberg January 10, 2022
in response to Cynthia :

thanks for writing, Cynthia. Reply

Rahel branchport, ny January 9, 2022

Thank you, Chana.

When we get to the next world, we may perceive that on earth what we thought was high is really not that high and what was low is the highest of high.

ain od milvado Reply

Mrs. Chana Weisberg January 10, 2022
in response to Rahel:

Yes, so true! Reply

Aaron LA January 9, 2022

This was great thank you Reply

Miriam January 9, 2022

I don’t feel this is a true across the board statement. Some parents of special needs do not have greater love than for the so called normal child. Some have a greater love for their so called gifted brilliant child. Each child , each parent is unique. How can anyone say what is in the soul of another ? Reply

Shoshana January 12, 2022
in response to Miriam:

I agree that the statement is aspirational. The fact is that all too often not all the children in the family are loved equally. Things may be getting better now in terms of excepting individuals with differences but there is still a huge stigma against “disabilities” and this unfortunately may be borne out in families as well as in society at large. Reply

Joanne Australia January 8, 2022

Thank you Chana, this is really beautiful and very meaningful. Reply