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Animated Kabbalah #5: The Art of Balance

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Animated Kabbalah #5: The Art of Balance

G-d's names are expressions of one single Entity, reflecting Him and how He interacts with the reality He creates.
Divine Names, Elokim, HaVaYaH

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mila minneapolis April 20, 2022

yep. Just checking in remembered how much I loved this ... next one soonish? please ; ) Reply

Alter Brooklyn April 21, 2022
in response to mila:

We've pivoted to another project - 613 Mitzvos in VR - shhhh

But I do have the next four episodes scripted, waiting on funding, hopefully moving soon. Reply

Me Hempstead January 1, 2022

It's been a year. Reply

Alter Brooklyn January 3, 2022
in response to Me:

Indeed it has.

We've pivoted to another project that was funded. We're working on a presentation of the 613 mitzvahs.

I absolutely would love to finish this project, it's just more expensive than we knew how to fundraise. Reply

Anonymous Muffin Oven, Kitchen June 22, 2021

It's been MONTHS since a video came out! We miss this! We want more! That's my chutzpadik way of saying that the show is AMAZING and we can't get enough of it! Reply

Alter Brooklyn June 24, 2021
in response to Anonymous Muffin:

Hahaha - thank you Mr Muffin!

We actually just got episode six funded and have begun working on it - stay tuned!

You can also help speed up these delays by donating at

Super excited Reply

Yid April 14, 2021

Amazing! This is what I imagine tv is going to be like when Moshiach comes!!! Keep them coming, can’t wait for the next episode!!! Reply

Adriana Rio de Janeiro February 6, 2021

We are waiting for the other videos! Reply

Alter Brooklyn February 9, 2021
in response to Adriana:

Sorry for the delay!

We had to take on another project to help fund this series.

We'll hopefully be back on it soon. Reply

RS February 1, 2021

I love these videos!!! When is the next one coming out? It's been a while ;) Can't wait! Reply

Alter Brooklyn February 2, 2021
in response to RS:

Love the love!

Episode six is being worked on now, can't wait to share - it will blow your mind! Reply

Chaim FL January 22, 2021

To Alter and the whole Team! Thank you so much for creating these episodes. It is siriously one of the best / the best explanations on Chasidus I've ever learned... and I've been to Yeshiva, but never understood a thing. This opens up a whole new world of understanding and Love sharing it with my neighbors that never had anything to do with Chassidus or Hashem !! Please keep it coming, it's more effective than you think and we're proud to support you in anyway! Reply

Alter Brooklyn January 25, 2021
in response to Chaim:

Thank you so much, Chaim!

I'm genuinely touched to hear that we are able to help you on your journey towards deeper understanding and connection with the Aibishter.

Thank you so much for sharing our videos - we need enthusiasts like you to help spread the light! You're the embodiment of the Besht's vision of yefutzu mayanoisecha chutza!

We'd love to connect with you, there are bhbh many Chaims out in Florida and I'm not sure who you are, but we'd love your help in spreading the message.

Please connect with us at [email protected]

Thanks from the whole team Reply

Moishe Jerusalem January 12, 2021

Amazing video! Thank You, please keep them coming! Reply

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