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Animated Kabbalah #3: Orchestrating Reality

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Animated Kabbalah #3: Orchestrating Reality

G-d constantly creates everything and directs each detail with intention and purpose.
Divine Providence

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Rod December 22, 2020

Reminds me a lot about the Tao in Taoism. Reply

Ed nyc December 21, 2020

These are great. Thank you. Reply

Andrew Palmer Caleb J Ocean Jacksonville December 18, 2020

Good one. Reply

Realy Inspired December 16, 2020

Really great, love this series it’s awesome.
Just didn’t really get the point of this episode, was it that G-d runs everything “hashgacha pratis” or was it that it has to be that way because G-d is always creating there was so much good stuff kinda lost the point. Reply

Alter Brooklyn December 30, 2020
in response to Realy:

Great question! Yeah, there's a lot going on for a three minute video.

To answer your question - it's both! We're saying that God runs everything "hashgacha protis", and the Alter Rebbe says that this is how it must be because God is always creating everything.

Since God actively creates everything at every second, He must be highly aware of where everything is, what it's doing, and He gives the energy for what everything is about to do as well, so He's controlling everything - hashgacha protis.

It's both points you pointed out, one leading into the other. Reply

Alter Brooklyn January 4, 2021
in response to Realy:

Both! One leads into the other. It describes a logical thought process: since God is energizing all things at every second, must mean that he's Orchestration it too - hashgacha protis Reply

Ben Shlomo December 16, 2020

Loved the nigun audio on the video game!! Brilliant!

This series is awesome!!

I wait each weeks for the next one.

Shmuly Bell. Your my hero ;) Reply

Shmueli Bell Jerusalem December 17, 2020
in response to Ben Shlomo:

So happy you're enjoying it!
Boruch hashem we have a really such a special team working on this! Reply

Note December 16, 2020

Important note: The teaching of the Baal Shem Tov in Tanya that Hashem is constantly creating the world anew, isn't the only proof for Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Providence). Hashgacha Pratis is a fact either way.
See Likkutei Sichos Vol. 8 pages 277 - 284. Reply

Alter Brooklyn January 4, 2021
in response to Note:

For sure! This is just one of them and it's relevant to this discussion here Reply

Zachariah Staten Island December 15, 2020

Awesome! Reply

Jake December 15, 2020

Brilliant! Divine Providence at its best Reply

Vivian Padova, Italy December 15, 2020

Ahh that explains it so perfectly, thank you!
Looking forward to the next episode! These don't come fast enough ☺️ Reply

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