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Yom Kippur with the Rebbe

The unity of all Jews derives from the fact that every Jewish soul is “an actual part of G-d Above.” Therefore, “Jewish unity” is not limited to Jews who are alive, but includes those who have passed on, as well.
Receiving the Traditional "Lekach" from the Rebbe
The Rebbe distributes the traditional lekach - sweet honey cake for a sweet year
The True Meaning of Teshuva
Our Sages extol the virtue of “Teshuva and good deeds.” But why do they praise the path of repentance before the path of purity? Shouldn’t repentance for misdeeds be enumerated after we speak of doing good deeds?
In case it has been decreed upon a person to turn to others for help this coming year, it should already be fulfilled now, by receiving this sweet cake.
Teshuva requires that a person make an honest assessment of his spiritual standing. To do this, it would seem ideal to isolate oneself from all distractions, to focus on one’s past deeds. Why do we see, that on Yom Kippur – the main day for Teshuvah of the whole year – we spend the entire day in a public place, in synagogue, together with so many others?
There are many details and rituals connected to the various obligations of a Jew. Even when it comes to matters of the heart, such as prayer and repentance, there are many laws and requirements.
At the very beginning of Yom Kippur, before Kol Nidrei, we declare: “With the sanction of the Omnipresent, and with the sanction of the congregation, by authority of the Heavenly Court, and by authority of the earthly court, we hereby grant permission to pray with those who have transgressed.” All agree that on this day, there are no differences between Jews; they all stand united as one in the presence of G-d.
A few days before Yom Kippur in 1964, a sudden request came to 770 from a Jew who worked on a US Air force base in Greenland, to send a Shliach there to conduct the Yom Kippur services. Rabbi Shmuel Lew was called to duty.
Tishrei, 1964
Rabbi Shmuel Lew continues recounting his Yom Kippur mission. Just one day before he was to leave for Greenland, the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, suddenly passed away.
On his way to Afternoon Prayers on Yom Kippur Eve, the Rebbe places coins in all the charity boxes set out in 770. On his way to Kol Nidrei, the Rebbe blesses the students of Tomchei Temimim. (Collage)
Erev Yom Kippur, 5749 · September 20, 1988
The Rebbe distributes “Lekach,” honey cake, on the eve of Yom Kippur.
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