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Rambam: Shabbos, Chapters 9-11

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Ed Shane Beit Shemesh June 2, 2023

I would like to thank Rabbis Reznick and Zajac
for their inspiring shiurim which I have enjoyed listening to in the car during my long commutes of about an hour to and from work.
I did however also want to share with a most unusual story: Today I avoided panic and kept calm/relaxed finishing off my Gitin Daf Yomi and then learning some of the Rambam Hilchos Shabbos while waiting about half an hour to be rescued by the fire department from being stuck in an elevator between floors in a shopping mall of Beit Shemesh. Completing Chapters 9 to 11 was also quite therapeutic to address the aftermath of that trauma so Kol Hakavod to our Rabbis and Shabbat Shalom to all. Reply Staff June 2, 2023
in response to Ed Shane:

First, we are really glad you are ok BH and sorry you experienced such a stressful moment.
And very honored to have been able to be there for you! Reply