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Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention

How two young women began an awareness revolution, and what you need to know to help someone in trouble. Interview by Chana Weisberg with Ella Steinmetz, director of Cteen, Chabad of Sarasota; Leigh Hershkovich-Ioffe, safeTALK instructor and Creative Director of the Cteen International; and Jack Miller of Gelt Financial.
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Safety and Prevention, Suicide

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anonymous January 24, 2023

Another point id like to bring up. When someone tells you that they would like to commit suicide never overreact. There are cases where these people have a good chance of recovering and feeling better if you support them without restricting them and tying them down. If they feel like everyone is on top of them they are more likely to want to escape the pressure and commit suicide. Reply

Gloria Schroeder Missoula via January 16, 2021

Just wanted to add, that when everything I had was taken by the court illegally, a few weeks later suicide appeared the only way to stop the pain of loss. I was considering how to go about it, and a knock came on my door about 30 seconds into my thoughts, and a neighbor said, I am a paralegal and I would like to help you get back your farm. He gave me hope! I did not want to die. I just needed hope. Our Creator sent this man. I pray every day to give thanks for hope. Reply

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