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Kabbalists vs. Philosophers

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Kabbalists vs. Philosophers

Fundamental questions are answered as we demystify classic mystical texts.
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Philosophy, Kabbalah, Maamar

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Charlie Teed New boston August 20, 2020

Great discussion, first one Ive listened to, I'm a fan so far. Regarding the flow/ light of divinity, it very well may be litteral light. All matter is essentially condensed light; science has recently found that cells communicate via photon channels as it's quicker than electricity so consciousness could be light energy. Reply

Sofia June 10, 2020

Thank you for a beautiful discussion and interesting questions. I enjoyed listening to it. I loved the analogy with fire. That fire burns some things, it melts, evaporates or hardens others. The fire is a fire, but it fully reveals itself for us to comprehend it through the object that it “interacts” with. It is the reaction, reflection or sort of an “answer” to fire (burning, melting..etc) that fire is revealed to us. So, then, does it mean that we as humans with our different at times opposing personalities and emotions reveal the properties of Infinite Creator? May be then, the only way to attempt to grasp and see the Infinite One, is through its reflection within what Infinity creates and that is how something boundless and transcendent like our souls can easily live within a body. May be... It needs us, with our “responses and reactions” it needs all created matter in the this world and the ones higher with all their “reactions and interactions” to reveal itself. (just thinking. Reply