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The Power of the Infinite and the Miracle of Oil


The Power of the Infinite and the Miracle of Oil

What the Greeks couldn't tolerate about the Torah, and its connection to the number eight.
Chanukah's Message Can Give Us Light Everyday

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Cat Dominguez Usa December 26, 2019

Awesome teaching I sure wish I knew how to save this Reply

Alex Brousilovsky December 25, 2019

Dear Shifra,
Wonderful webcast - thank you!
I see your message, still I need some clarification:
you talk about Infiniti (Ayin) and in the same context you discuss those little details about what to do in different little circumstances - like come back from airport or not...
The question is - why these little details/laws are important? Is it to keep Jews together and different than other people or there is a deeper, spiritual meaning?

Does it make sense to say that all these little physical details were told by Hashem? Reply

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