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The Jewish Community of Iraq (1951-2019)

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The Jewish Community of Iraq (1951-2019)

The tragic story of the Iraqi Jewish Community: how an ancient community was destroyed.
Jewish History, Baghdad, Iraq

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T Fazzini September 21, 2020

As of September 2020 according to website "Point of No return" on Jewish refugees from the Arab States..only 4 Jews are still alive in Iraq; likewise of the remaining 100 or so Jewish community in Yemen -42 have immigrated to United Arab Emerities-the rest will soon follow...may the L-d show them and their contiuning descendants that to remain Jews..they must to Go up to Israel....instead of the Arab states Reply

T Fazzini September 21, 2020

The Iraqi Jewish Archive was restored; however it was given by the US Goverment to the Iraqi Goverment instead of being returned to the Iraqi Jewish Community to which it belongs, However it can be seen online See Wikipedia entry "Iraqi Jewish Archive" Reply

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