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The Custom to Recite Psalm 27 in Elul

LeDovid Hashem Ori: “G-d is My Light”


The Custom to Recite Psalm 27 in Elul: LeDovid Hashem Ori: “G-d is My Light”

Psalm 27’s prophetic poetic prose encapsulate the soul’s yearning; seeming to organically reflect Elul energy and this spiritually saturated season. Yet, while the practice of adding it to daily prayers appears to be ancient, cherished and timeworn, the earliest actual source is but three centuries old – begging many questions: where did it originate, how’d it spread so widely, and why do we say it?! Weaving an intricate tapestry of Torah to continue the thesis birthed in the part 1, an insightful and inspirational clarification, preparing us for High Holy Day Season, develops!
The Daily Shofar Call in Elul
Halacha, Elul, Minhag, L'David Hashem Ori (Psalm 27)

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