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Benevolence, Babies and Resurrection

The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 15

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Benevolence, Babies and Resurrection: The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 15

Refraining from sharing Torah knowledge is cast in a profoundly negative light; as even still gestating fetuses in their mother’s wombs curse this individual! Yet, the gravest consequence is the loss of that very knowledge he will suffer. On a sunnier note, the rewards of benevolence and sharing Torah are spoken of: the blessings of the biblical Joseph are bestowed – as Torah is for the soul, what food is for the body. Finally, differing grades of scriptural verses are presented – all are clearly demonstrative of our foundational belief in the ultimate resurrection of the dead. (Tractate Sanhedrin 91b-92a)
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Tractate Sanhedrin, Torah, Talmud

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