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The Real Reason the World Is Such a Mess


The Real Reason the World Is Such a Mess

The real reason is surprising but simple. And it's also a life-changer.
Tikkun Olam
Tikkun Olam

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A S Mohamed Ali August 3, 2019

God has no partner. He is the best creator, omnipotent. His creations cannot be matched with any other creation.
He does not need any planning to creat. He created the world, to test his best creation of mankind and this world is a testing home for an interim period to know good human beings and separate them from bad ones on the Day of Judgement. If we wish to win the love of G-d we have to do good deeds, live in peace, harmony and worship Him sincerely. Thank you and have a blessed day ! Reply

Layvi Ben avraham August 2, 2019

I like how you guys bring a warm welcoming to tikkun olam so all can understand it. Reply

Karl Held New Jersey August 2, 2019

Personal responsibility... it is a difficult concept for people to comprehend. This concept requires us to be responsible for the condition of our own world. Yes it seems much safer and easier to deny this responsibility. But if we are not responsible for our own world, than who is? And steeped in such denial, what legacy can we leave our children? Reply

Ariel Lederman August 1, 2019

The Video isn’t Finished yet This video isn’t finished yet. Needs a lot more editing guys, the narrator is not present 95% of the video etc Reply

Adam August 1, 2019

Surprised this is on Chabad. Incongruent with several basic Jewish tenets all described in various articles also on Chabad website. And the world is messed up because of us but the video is saying we were created to make this world better which is therefore logically impossible (unless there were two creations of us and we know that there weren't) Reply

Missie Atlanta August 2, 2019
in response to Adam:

I have known a few people who say there are two stories, of two creations, in Genesis but I don't read it that way. So I agree with you that there weren't two creations of us. Reply

Missie Atlanta July 31, 2019

Sorry, the brownie mix isn't a good metaphor. You dip your finger into brownie mix -- avoiding the raw egg, of course! -- and all you think is, "Yum!"
Same with soup.
Now, meatloaf, maybe ... Reply

Rex Yeagley Washington July 31, 2019

Sorry, but this is one of the worse answers to this question I have ever heard. True, God is not finished with this world, but that is not the reason. The real reason is that man has decided to do what He wants to do and not what God wants him to do. Reverence and respect for God are at an all-time low. When someone wants to do something they do it without any regard to what God says in the Torah. Mankind, at this moment, is at the end of days and Judgment is on its way, whether or not we're ready. The only way to rectify this problem at this point is turning back to Torah through prayer and fasting. Reply

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