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Yahrtzeit: Why Observe Days of Demise?


Yahrtzeit: Why Observe Days of Demise?

Highlighting the anniversary of the passing of Tzadikim doesn't seem to have roots in the Bible – yet, it definitely isn't a modern invention as there are several clear references of such anniversaries being observed in antiquity – as per the sources presented. An obscure verse in the Biblical Book of Esther becomes a prime source of rhyme and reason that is richly developed through the prism of inspired Chassidic teachings. Special attention is given to the time-honored customs of visiting the gravesite and kindling the traditional 24 hour Yahrtzeit candle!
Why Pray at a Grave? , Visiting the Resting Place of a Tzaddik
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Gimmel Tammuz, Halacha, Tzaddik's Gravesite, Minhag, Yahrtzeit

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